Deep forests

Lace up your walking shoes, pack a lunch and water in your backpack and disappear into one of the national park’s large forests. Wander or cycle on old forest roads and winding paths to experience the rich, diverse nature.

Brimming with forests

About one-third of the national park’s area consists of central Zealand’s old-growth forests, which have stood there for many hundreds of years. Besides diverse plant and animal life, they contain traces of history and culture. Part of the national park’s forests are privately owned, with public access on the roads and paths in these sections open from 6 in the morning to sunset. Also located in the national park are 2 large state-owned forests, Bidstrup Forests and Boserup Forest (briefly described below), where you’re free to roam everywhere any time of day.

Bidstrup Forest

Bidstrup Forests are part of Skovhøjlandet, the forest highlands that make up Zealand’s second largest forested area. The varied and hilly terrain of Skovhøjlandet lies 100 meters above sea level and is filled with forests, pastures, forest meadows, bogs and lakes. Springs bubble from the hills and the forests are crisscrossed by clean brooks and streams.

The forests received a Natura 2000 designation due to the area’s unique flora and fauna. Paths, shelters, mountain bike trails and horse trails are available for use, just as Avnsø Lake offers pristine water for swimming.

Boserup Forest

Boserup Forest is highly popular, its protected, old-growth deciduous forest stretching to the coastal bluffs of Roskilde Fjord. A species-rich flora flourishes in the calcium rich soil, where mushrooms willingly sprout and springtime brings a rich bouquet of white, blue and yellow anemone flowers. The forest has paths, shelters and mountain bike trails. In the middle of the forest is the Boserupgård Nature Centre, where a large variety of activities take place, and Traktørstedet, where you can enjoy coffee and cake.

Outdoors year round

Budding trees, birdsong, berry picking and the hues of autumn. Each season is blessed by special colours and activities. Take a trip in the national park year around.

The 40 km of paths on Skjoldungestien wind through the historic landscape past some of the most important destinations in the park. It’s easy to take public transport back and forth, and the Skjoldungesti app provides information along the way.

Mountain bike and horseback riding trails crisscross Bidstrup Forests and Boserup Forest.

Boserupgård Nature Centre

Boserupgård Nature Centre, located in the middle of Boserup Forest in the old forester’s cottage, is a hub for learning about the area’s nature and welcomes school children, clubs and visitors. Find more information

Tadre Mill

Open to the public Tadre Mill is the last of 13 watermills that have existed in Elverdamsdal valley since the Middle Ages. Find more information


The forests, sloping river valleys and hilly terrain in the southern part of the park offer many opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, running, cycling, horseback riding and hunting.

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© Foto: Bøgetræer; Ole Malling, Engperlesommerfugl; Thomas Vestergaard-Nielsen, Avnsø; Anette Gundlach, Skovløberen og Rideture; Ole Malling, Mountainbike; Lejre Kommune