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Many entryways

Skjoldungernes Land National Park is located in central Zealand, a short 30-km ride from Copenhagen. With 24 museums and nature centres waiting to bid you welcome, there are many entryways to Skjoldungernes Land National Park.

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Drive or take a train or a bus to Roskilde, Lejre or Hvalsø Stations. Walking and bicycle trips can begin there. Ten small harbours in the park make it accessible by water if you arrive by boat.

Enjoy the view from one of the park’s 15 churches, which also have parking and potable water.

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Map and information

170 km2 of land and water, 99 km of coastline and a myriad of trails and roads. The national park is an inviting place for outdoor activities and nature experiences.

In the folder you will find information about the national park and a map over the area, as well as ideas for trips and experiences in the cultural-historical landscape:

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Get more information about sights and accomodation at the local touristoffices in Roskilde, Lejre and Frederikssund.

Please be considerate

Abuzz with daily life, the national park is home to local communities, farmers, businesses, art and culture, all of which will add greatly to your visit. Please also be mindful of the landowners and local residents. Greet the people you meet and follow the park rules.

Because the birdlife is vulnerable to disturbances, please be considerate when you’re on or near the fjord. During the breeding season from 1 April to 15 July the islands and islets are off limits. 

Please take your waste with you and leave only footprints behind.

App with interactive map

With the app you will never get lost in Skjoldungernes Land National Park. The app contains an interactive map over the area and descriptions of sights, nature, visitor centres, accomodation, trails, harbors etc. 

The app is free and can run without internet connection after your download.

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At the moment the information in the app is only partly translated in to english. We are working on it to give you the best service.