Aastrup Abbey

The red-washed abbey is located in Elverdamsdal valley.


Beautiful red building

Aastrup Abbey comprises a red-washed building with three wings, the oldest from 1588, and is located in Elverdamsdal valley, which winds its way through the beautiful park. Aatrup Abbey hosts various events and guided tours are also available.

Elverdamsdal valley

Meltwater from the last Ice Age formed Elverdamsdal valley approximately 15,000 years ago. The valley stream originates in Bidstrup Forests south of Hvalsø, winding its way through the first part of the steep, narrow valley. At the hamlet of Soderup and Aastrup Abbey the valley broadens to form a beautiful area with distinct features. Hundreds of small and large springs issue from the sides of the valley, serving to create its rich flow of water.

Oldtidshøj i Aastrup Skov. Foto: Ole Malling.


Burial mounds, sunken lanes and prehistoric fields testify that the landscape surrounding Aastrup Abbey has been inhabited since ancient times. Aastrup estate dates far back in time and was owned by nobleman Erik Krabbe, who was part of King Christian III’s Privy Council, in the first half of the 16th century. Krabbe lived here in 1540, when his young wife and their new-born twins were buried in Soderup Church.

In the 16th and 17th centuries the aristocracy established estates and built beautiful castles with ramparts and parks. The estate had two sets of ramparts, one of which has been preserved. From 1857 to 1988 "unmarried ladies of fine families” lived in the manor house, which was managed by the Nobleman’s Order of the Diocese of AastrupDannemandske Stift Aastrup. Today, the descendants of Frederik Vilhelm Dannemand live in the manor house.