Boserupgård Nature Centre

Boserupgård Nature Centre, located in the middle of Boserup Forest in the old forester’s cottage, is a hub for learning about the area’s nature and welcomes school children, clubs and visitors. The firepit, tables, benches and playground with swings can be freely used.

The old forester’s cottage

Located in the middle of Boserup Forest in the old forester’s cottage, Boserupgård Nature Centre has activities that focus especially on the woods and fjord for schools, organisations, clubs and visitors. There is a large, freely available area with firepits, swings and a henhouse. A host of public events and holiday activities can also be taken advantage of.

Traktørstedet eatery

At Traktørstedet eatery at Boserupgård Nature Centre you can talk to Roskilde Municipality’s forestry staff or enjoy a bite to eat at reasonable prices. The items available depend on the season, and on special occasions you can buy pancake batter or dough to bake bread on a stick over a campfire.


Throughout the year various public events take place at Boserupgård Nature Centre. Family events and nature activities can be enjoyed on Forest Day in the spring and on Nature’s Day in the autumn. During the autumn and winter holidays visitors can build birdhouses and tables or learn how to chop down a tree, whittle or build a fire.

For schools

Boserupgård Nature Centre is Roskilde Municipality’s development centre for nature and outdoor education. Schools and child care centres can use the area on their own or as part of a special programme. The Nature Centre also lends out equipment.

Trips in Boserup Woods

Revel in the natural surroundings of in Boserup Forest, one of the national park’s large, deep forests, where you can hike or bike along old forest roads and winding paths. Or enjoy a picnic, light a fire or sleep in a tent or shelter.
Boserup Forest has various marked trails, including Skjoldungesti paths and Fjordstien (Fjord Path).

In the springtime enjoy walking along a forest floor carpeted with white, yellow and blue anemone flowers. The clay slopes along the coast afford a lovely view of Ring Island and the fjord’s rich birdlife.


Boserupgård Nature Centre
Boserupvej 82-84
4000 Roskilde

Tel: +45 4631 6526
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