Crafts Museum

The museum exhibits a unique collection of woodworking tools and instruments from the past and present.

Tool collection

Visit the Crafts Museum’s unrivalled collection of tools dating from about 1850-1950 used by woodturners, wheelwrights, carpenters, joiners, coopers, cobblers, woodcarvers and lumberjacks. 

The museum for woodworking tools is located on the first floor above Lützhøfts Old Grocer’s Shop. 

Living workshops and school service

On the ground floor there are three living workshops with a woodcarver, a silversmith and a weaver. ROMU runs the Crafts Museum’s school service.

Et museum for træets håndværk. Foto: ROMU.


Crafts Museum
Ringstedgade 6 - 8 (1. sal)
4000 Roskilde

Tel: +45 4635 0061
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