L.A. Ring’s Atelier

Drop in on the little visitors’ centre in Brøndgade. 100 years ago the cottage belonged to the painter L.A. Ring



An artist’s sanctuary

In Brøndgade in the old district of Sankt Jørgensberg you find the little visitor centre for the artist L.A. Ring. From 1915 to 1925, the cottage belonged to the painter Laurits Andersen Ring (1854-1933). He was known as a naturalistic and realistic painter of landscapes, people and rural settings, with a touch of symbolism in some of his pictures.

The visitor centre highlights both cultural and art history. Ring’s works can be seen through a number of films and photo series.

Exhibitions and town walks

The visitor centre is open in weekends and holidays during the summer. Apart from the permanent exhibition, it also holds an annual special exhibition. With a folder in hand from the centre, you can walk around Sankt Jørgensberg in L.A. Ring’s footsteps and stand in the midst of the motifs that inspired the painter.

You can also join one of the guided tours and get the full story.

L.A. Rings Atelier. Foto: Rings Venner.
L.A. Rings Atelier. Foto: Karin Mejding.

A historic pearl

Apart from the story of L.A. Ring, the visitors’ centre is also an example of the modest kind of dwellings that people lived in 100 years ago in the Sankt Jørgensberg district. The ambience of the house gives you some idea of what a cottage on the hill was like in the 1900s.

The painter lived with his family in a villa on top of the hill, and he bought the little cottage below in order to paint interior pictures with local models in an authentic rustic environment.

L.A. Ring is buried in Sankt Ib’s churchyard to the east of Roskilde harbour together with his wife, Sigrid Kähler.


L.A. Ring’s Atelier
Brøndgade 1
4000 Roskilde

Read more about the visitor centre and L.A. Ring on ringsvenner.dk.