Land of Legends Lejre

Sail in dugouts, chop wood like in the olden days or pan for archaeological treasures at Land of Legends Lejre in the heart of the national park.

Travel back in time

Land of Legends Lejre is an archaeological research centre with buildings and settings from the Stone Age, Viking Age and 1800s. With living workshops, old animal breeds and an array of activities, this atmospheric, exciting destination has something for the entire family. Land of Legends brings the past alive.


Established in 1964 as a research centre to perform ethnological, historical and archaeological experiments, Land of Legends Lejre also carries out related research tasks and disseminates findings through scientific channels, the press and teaching.

Sensory experience

Cultural and nature experiences that indulge your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hands and feet are the mainstay of Land of Legends and its activities. Meet Stone Age hunters, Iron Age farmers and Viking traders. Grind your own flour to bake crackers, sail in a Stone Age boat, shoot with a bow and arrow and explore how people lived long ago. Pet goats, watch the wild boars at feeding time or pan for archaeological treasure.

Something for families, schools and companies

Audio guides allow you to hear stories and explore on your own. In addition to specialising in educational activities Land of Legends tailors events for companies. The seasonal programme also offers exciting opportunities for new adventures.


Sagnlandet Lejre
Slangealléen 2
4320 Lejre

Tel.: +45 4648 0878
E-mail: Obfuscated Email
Website: Land of Legends