Lützhøfts Old Grocer's Shop

Step back in time ind this 1920's merchant shop.


Old grocer’s shop

Founded in 1892 Lützhøfts Old Grocer’s Shop served as a grocery store until 1979. Since 1982 ROMU has run the shop on a daily basis and restored it to its 1920’s appearance.

Shop at the store

The Old Grocer’s Shop is a museum, but you can also shop at the store, which sells items from the 1920s in bulk.


Lützhøfts Købmandsgård er fuld af ting fra 1920érne. Foto: ROMU.


Lützhøfts Old Grocer's Shop
Ringstedgade 6-8
4000 Roskilde

Tlf.: +45 4635 0061
Website: Lützhøfts Old Grocer's Shop