Manor Museum Selsø Castle

This Baroque manor estate from 1576 is the national park’s northernmost sight. Explore the old house with its nooks and corners and eerie basements, visit the beautiful Baroque hall and kitchen from the 1600s, where you can learn how food was made back then.

The forgotten manor estate

Selsø Castle is a fairy-tale, Baroque manor estate from 1576 built by nobleman Jakob Ulfeldt – one of the richest men in the Kingdom of Denmark and a member of the King’s Council. Selsø was originally located on a small lake island with a stream connecting it to Roskilde Fjord. Prior to the current building, there was a small, 12th-century medieval fortress, its stone well still visible in the courtyard.

When its last aristocratic inhabitant died in 1829 the castle’s contents were sold and its doors locked, leaving the castle to stand hidden and forgotten for 144 years, though used intermittently as a grain warehouse, dog kennel, to dry laundry and much more. Miraculously, this saved the castle, which has now been restored and serves as a museum about manor estates. Visit during opening hours, reserve a tour during the day or evening, or attend one of its historic events.

Historic cooking

Selsø Castle’s well-preserved 17th-century kitchen still contains an open fire, where large dinners were prepared for the gentry and simple dishes for the estate’s workers. The hearth is in working condition again and on special occasions a cook stands at the blazing fire and describes the cooking from back then.

Events all year

Historic events are held at Selsø throughout the year. Take part, for example, in the Great Baking Day, attend a concert or opera in the castle’s stunning Baroque hall, or participate in a festival of lights with Venetian ambience. Or get a nice fright on atmospheric Halloween, when the White Lady usually makes an appearance.


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