Roskilde Cathedral

One-thousand years old, Roskilde Cathedral houses the royal chapels where 21 kings and 18 queens are buried, the largest number in the world. The Cathedral was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1995.

World Heritage Site

Roskilde Cathedral is an unparalleled architectural and historical monument of universal importance. In 1995 the Cathedral was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List because it represents the first brick-built, Gothic-style basilica in Scandinavia. The church’s architecture and building style encouraged the spread of this style throughout northern Europe.

Natural resources

Roskilde Cathedral tells not only the cultural history but also the story of the interaction between man and nature. Human beings have literally lived off the land, exploiting the power of nature, in effect using its resources to build their nations. These raw natural materials have left their mark on Roskilde Cathedral.

History Royal mausoleum

Since the 1400s Roskilde Cathedral has been the preferred church of the Danish royal family. As a result the church’s four large chapels, choir and burial place from 1985 contain the graves of 21 kings and 18 queens.

For almost 800 years the Cathedral has played a significant role in the history of Denmark, initially as the main church for Denmark’s most powerful bishopric and since as the royal burial church. In about 1170 Bishop Absalon began building a cathedral on the site out of bricks, the most modern building material of the time. The advent of Gothic architecture led to its adoption and a move away from the Cathedral’s original Romanesque style.

The Cathedral is a living building which has been added onto since 1170.  


In addition to church services, weddings and confirmations, many other events take place at Roskilde Cathedral, including summer concerts, weekly reflections and coffees at Konventgården in the summer months.
Winter Solstice is a major event put on jointly by the Cathedral and Skjoldungernes Land National Park.


The Cathedral has regular opening hours but may occasionally be closed for religious ceremonies.


Roskilde Cathedral
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