Roskilde Museum

Roskilde Museum presents the city of Roskilde’s cultural history but also finds and artefacts from the area, dating from the Stone Age to today. 

Cultural history museum

As the city and the area’s cultural history museum, Roskilde Museum’s exhibitions on Sankt Ols Stræde use archaeological finds and newer items to tell the history of one of the country’s oldest, most important cities.

The museum is located in two of the city’s most distinctive historic buildings, Liebes Gård, formerly home to the Liebe family, and Sukkerhuset, the old sugar refinery.

Appeals to all the senses

The museum, designed to appeal to the senses, uses lighting, sound and space to help tell the story of Roskilde, the atmosphere shifting throughout the large exhibition.

På skolebænken - Skolebørn på Roskilde Museum. Foto: ROMU.

Exhibitions Power and People

This exhibition contains a magnificent collection from ancient to medieval times, for example: the wild ox from Himmelev and Gerdrup grave, which contains the remains of a pagan priestess and her servant, Denmark’s larges medieval exhibition, garb, textiles, pottery, silver and topographic paintings from recent times.

The permanent exhibitions are supplemented by rotating exhibitions, lectures, events and activities for all age groups.

Fun for the wee ones

The entire ground floor of Liebes Gård is dedicated to children, who can sit on old school benches and imagine what it was like to attend school a century ago – or explore the city’s buildings, drive cars on a map of old Roskilde or pretend to hitch a ride on Odin, the first train that ran from Copenhagen to Roskilde.

Shop and café

The museum shop and lunch café are open to the public.

Part of the Culture District

Filled with historical gems, green oases and modern art, the Culture District is abuzz with activities and events that make downtown Roskilde a lively, vibrant place to be. Roskilde Museum, Roskilde Library, Roskilde Convent, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde Art Society, the Community Centre and Roskilde Cathedral develop and now operate the Culture District.


Roskilde Museum
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