Roskilde Palace

Exhibitions take place at the yellow palace in Roskilde at the Museum for Contemporary Art and Roskilde Art Society.


Museum and art association

The royal palace in Roskilde dates from 1736 and is home to the Museum of Contemporary Art and Roskilde Art Society.

Exhibitions and events also take place during the day in the palace garden and courtyard.


Museum of Contemporary Art
Stændertorvet 3D
4000 Roskilde
Website: Museum of Contemporary Art

Roskilde Art Society
Stændertorvet 3C
4000 Roskilde
Website: Roskilde Art Society

Part of the Culture District

Filled with historical gems, green oases and modern art, the Culture District is abuzz with activities and events that make downtown Roskilde a lively, vibrant place to be. Roskilde Museum, Roskilde Library, Roskilde Convent, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde Art Society, the Community Centre and Roskilde Cathedral developed and now operate the Culture District.