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Welcome to Skjoldungernes Land National Park

Skjoldungernes Land National Park is located in central Zealand, a short 30-km ride from Copenhagen. Enjoy the salt meadows, coastal bluffs, islands, islets and unique birdlife of Roskilde Fjord, or disappear into the large deciduous forests of central Zealand on its hiking trails and campsites.

Cultural landscape

Inhabited since the Stone Age, the area contains traces of its former inhabitants. Experience, for example, protected manor estates, graced with fields, meadows, burial mounds, stone ships, water mills and other vestiges of culture. Or visit the medieval city of Roskilde and Roskilde Cathedral, the park’s crown jewel.

Abuzz with daily life, the national park is home to local communities, farmers, businesses, art and culture, all of which will add greatly to your visit.

The objectives

The national park serves to sustainably protect, enhance and develop the park’s nature, landscape, cultural history, outdoor activities, dissemination, education, research, local communities, businesses and tourism.

Find more information and inspiration on this website.