The coasts, lakes, forests, and open land in Skjoldungernes Land National Park provide excellent opportunities to observe a variety of birds.

You can find a multitude of different birds at Roskilde Fjord. The fjord is one of Denmark's most important resting and breeding grounds for birds. The shallow areas and numerous islands make the fjord particularly attractive to waterfowl. Therefore, the area has been designated as a Natura 2000 habitat and bird protection area.

The largest bird colonies in Roskilde Fjord are found on Eskilsø, near Selsø Lake, and on the small islands Lilleø and Øksneholm. Even the smaller islands as tiny as 100 square meters can host many breeding birds. Since 2006, sea eagles have nested at several locations around Roskilde Fjord. You can often spot the sea eagles around Eskilsø and Østskoven.

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The Sea Eagle – the Flying Door

For many years, sea eagles have frequented Roskilde Fjord. The sea eagle is Northern Europe's largest bird of prey with a wingspan of up to 2.45 meters. Its enormous size and square-shaped wings have earned it the Danish nickname 'the flying door.'

You can observe sea eagles all year round from the fjord coast on the east side near Jyllinge and Veddelev when they fly over the water to catch fish, waterfowl, and carrion. Another good observation point in winter is Skovbroen near Østskoven. Sea eagles often soar here and attack prey around a wake near Eskilsø.

Visit the Bird Paradise Selsø Lake

The Selsø Lake nature reserve is one of Zealand's most exciting bird locations. Originally, Selsø Lake was a bay in Roskilde Fjord, but for several hundred years, the lake has been separated from the fjord by a dam.

The birdlife at the lake is diverse and rich. During the winter, large numbers of waterfowl rest, including up to 2,000 greylag geese and 5,000 tufted ducks and pochards. In the summer, 35-40 different bird species breed here. Rare species also pass by regularly, attracting ornithologists from all over the country.

You can overlook the area from the birdwatching tower on the south side of the lake or from the square in front of Selsø Kirke.

Protecting the Fjord’s Birds

The national park works to ensure peace and quiet for the many thousands of birds that breed on Roskilde Fjord. The park conducts annual bird counts, rat control on the fjord's islands and islets, and works to develop sustainable outdoor activities.

You can help protect the birds both by following some simple rules and tips for bird-friendly behavior.

Use established paths and birdwatching towers and avoid walking on salt marshes or reed beds, where birds hide and many birds nest on the ground.

Keep a distance of at least 50 meters from Roskilde Fjord's islands and islets during the birds' breeding season. The breeding season is from April 1st to July 15th. Also, keep your dog on a leash in this period so that the bird nests are not disturbed.

© Photographers: Hans Henrik Erhardi; Sam Christensen (video); Weibel Media; Nynne Sørgaard.