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Borrow a national park canoe or rowboat. Book a guided tour. Sail on a Viking ship, hop on M/S Sagafjord, or venture out on your own. There are plenty of options for boat trips and other water activities on the fjord.

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Borrow a Canoe | Borrow a Dinghy | Book a Cruise with Kutlingen or Skarven | Borrow a Waste-Free Fjord Kayak | Sail on a Viking Ship | M/S Sagafjord | S/S Skjelskør | On Your Own | Rent a Kayak

Roskilde Fjord constitutes one-third of the National Park Skjoldungernes Land. The fjord is four to five meters deep in most places and provides excellent sailing waters, used for transportation and fishing since the Stone Age.

Borrow a National Park Canoe

The national park has six canoes that you can borrow freely during the summer months for a trip on the fjord. The canoes are available from June to October.

You can find the canoes at Gershøj Strand and in the small harbor, Møllekrogen, where they are placed on some racks. In the canoes, you will find life vests and oars, as well as a map with information about where to go and what you might experience.

It is free to borrow the canoes, which you unlock via an SMS code. More information can be found on signs in Gershøj and Møllekrogen. The canoes cannot be booked in advanced, but are borrowed on a first-come first-served basis.

When your boat trip is over, it is important that you place canoes, life vests, and oars neatly back on the racks. The concept is trust- based and will only be available as long as everyone helps take care of both canoes and accessories.

The canoes have been on the water since 2020, and the project was supported by the Danish Outdoor Council.

Borrow a Clinker-built Boat

At Slusehuset near Kattinge Værk, two typical clinker-built dinghies are available for free for a rowing trip on the calm inner fjord, Kattinge Vig. Help places dinghies, oars, and life vests neatly in place after use and take good care of the boats.

These clinker-built wooden boats and are part of a tradition that has been crucial for the Nordic people's connection to the seas around them for several thousand years. Therefore, this kind of boat and it’s the boat builder craft and tradition are part of a UNESCO-recognized living cultural heritage.

Book a Cruise with Kutlingen or Skarven

Feel the wind in your hair and hear the waves splash as Skarven and Kutlingen sail on educational tours on Roskilde Fjord.

Skarven is 8.5 meters long with room for 12 passengers. It was built in 1959 as a wooden dinghy but was later covered with fiberglass.

Kutlingen is another electrically powered boat with room for up to 12 passengers, including the skipper.

Book your spot on the national park's booking portal. Tours can have different themes and take place in different locations in the national park, departing from places like Roskilde, Gershøj, Møllekrogen, or Jyllinge.

Borrow a Kayak and Collect Trash in the Fjord

You can borrow a two-person kayak from Outdoor Adventures at Vigen Strandpark for a trip on the fjord and help us keep Roskilde Fjord free of waste.

The two-person kayak is yours for free for 2 or 4 hours to collect waste from Roskilde Fjord or the shoreline. You bring the trash back to the Outdoor Adventures camp at Vigen Strandpark.

Learn more about the kayak and book at Outdoor Adventures.

Sail in a Viking Ship

At the Viking Ship Museum you can experience life as a Viking in a reconstructed Viking ship or a traditional Nordic boat. You actively participate in rowing and setting sail under the expert guidance of sailing instructors.

Roll up your sleeves and get up close to the water with this unique fjord experience. Read more about the boats, the different tours, prices, and times at the Viking Ship Museum.

Hop on Board M/S Sagafjord

M/S Sagafjord is a historic ship on Roskilde Fjord since the 1950s. Departures are from Roskilde Harbor, and the round trips in the fjord take between 1.5-3 hours. There is room for 156 guests in the ship's three salons.

The ship features a restaurant with lunch dishes, afternoon tours with coffee and Sagafjord cake, as well as evening sails with 3-course menus.

You can also take a trip on M/S Sagafjord as a deck passenger, where you can enjoy the beautiful view and the fresh air from the ship's open deck. You can find M/S Sagafjord at Roskilde Harbor near the jetty between the marina and the Viking Ship Museum.

Find more information and the sailing schedule on the ship's website.

Sail with the Steamship S/S Skjelskør

Since 1994, S/S Skjelskør (III) has harbored in Frederikssund, from where charter trips and round trips on the fjord are sailed each summer, lasting about an hour. The old steamship S/S Skjelskør was built in 1915 and accommodates 80 people.

During the summer period, trips are scheduled on selected days, and the ship can be chartered.

Read more about S/S Skjelskør, the sailings, and schedules on the website.

Sail on Your Own

Row out on Roskilde Fjord and experience the national park and fjord landscape from the water. Roskilde Fjord is a unique natural area with coves and bays, islands and islets, coastal forests, and rich bird life, including eagles.

Many cozy small towns are scattered around Roskilde Fjord, making them delightful to visit. In the brochure "God tur på Roskilde Fjord" (Have a good trip on Roskilde Fjord), you can find information about launch sites, campsites, and nature experiences on and around Roskilde Fjord.

In the national park's app or web map, you can also find suggested sailing routes and read more about points of interest on the coast and the fjord.

Rent a Kayak

You can rent a kayak from places like Amfibius, Outdoor Adventures, and Kajakmanden.

Help Us Protect the Fjord

Roskilde Fjord is one of Denmark's most popular areas for outdoor activities on or by the water. At the same time, Roskilde Fjord is one of Denmark's most important areas for breeding waterfowl. You can help protect the fjord's birds by:

  • Keeping a minimum distance of 50 meters to islands and islets during the birds' breeding season from April 1st to July 15th.
  • Maintaining a good distance to the eagle's nest conservation zones marked both on land and in the water, with yellow crosses and red buoys visible from the water.
  • Sailing at a maximum speed of 8 knots in motorboats in particularly vulnerable areas and a maximum of 5 knots when you are less than 300 meters from the coast.

© Photographers: Nynne Sørgaard; Martin Kunzendorf; Erik Mandrup; Roskilde Oplevelseshavn; Christina Gejel Nielsen; Niels Parsner; Simon Høgsberg; Sarah Green.