Visit Skjoldungernes Land National Park


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On the water

Explore the salt meadows, coastal bluffs, islands, islets and exceptional birdlife.

The countryside

Disappear in the deciduous forests and glades of central Zealand. Enjoy the hiking trails and campsites or take a dip in the clean lake waters of Avnsø.

Manor estates and a medieval city

Experience the landscape of protected manor estates, graced with burial mounds, stone ships, water mills, villages and other vestiges of culture. Or visit the medieval city of Roskilde and Roskilde Cathedral, the national park’s crown jewel.

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Outdoors in the national park

The forests, sloping river valleys and hilly terrain in the southern part of the park offer many opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, running, cycling, horseback riding and hunting.

On the water in the national park

The varied inland waters created by the coastline, islands and islets of Roskilde Fjord in the northern end of the park are ideal, taking the birdlife into account, for sailing swimming and fishing.